Sunday, July 19, 2009

VT antis

Did an anti write this BS for an editorial?


Quotes from the page itself:

>>>>On July 1, Vermont's tax on cigarettes increased by 25 cents per pack. That means a pack-a-day smoker will now spend more than $2,360 on cigarettes in a year; a two-pack-a-day smoker will spend almost $4,720.

But how much would dat be for a 2ppd smoker if he/she bought cigs online instead? Neva mind the slim possiblity of a VT smoker stealing packs or cartons. I say "slim" cuse stealing smokes is more likely to happen around me than in VT.

I bet it would be less than 4,700+ bucks per year on cigs if the smoker even buys cigs in the black market.

>>>>Quitting eliminates or reduces all of the expenses that go along with smoking. Just imagine what you could do with those savings — pay off that credit card debt, plan a nice vacation, or get a new flat screen television!

Ummm... me has no credit card, I already have a relatively new HDTV, and sh!t, F**k a vacation! If I ever wanted to take a vacation in the tropics, I'd actually move there. I hate cold-A winter weather. I'm sure VT smokers know what I mean on winters.

"....quitting smoking now has immediate and long-term benefits."

Oh, you mean the "benefits" of getting asthma, lung cancer, increased weight, and seeing most ex-smokers turn into antis themselves?

I think I'll keep smoking to avoid those "long-term/immediate benefits." I'd hate to imagine myself talking and acting violently if I DID quit smoking. When I light up my first cig in a long time, I can think normally again, and I can talk like a good person again. Well, if I'm talking to and smoking with a sis, I think I'm talking normally to her without (for instance) hurting her for no reason.

I know I ain't alone on smokers who experience behavioral changes when they haven't smoked for hours. Imagine what dat would be like if smokers even stopped smoking for one week!

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