Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A thought

The #1 reason for tobacco tax increases is supposed to help solve budget deficits. Although antis also claim these increases are supposed to help stop kids from smoking as well.

Well, I dunno how smokers can solve budget deficits by paying more for cigs. Dat's gonna make the deficits worse since very few will be buying cigs legally. Maybe if the tobacco taxes went down, the state of IL can get more money from smokers then.

As far as preventing kids from smoking goes, sounds more like a joke to me. I just saw a kid smoking a Newport outside the otha day while walking with his mom and teen-looking sis.

You can make cigs as high as you politicians want. But you'll neva stop seeing images of kids smoking just cause a pack costs too darn much. The beauty of the community I live in is folks and kids will do what they want. And no law (or high price) is gonna stop em from GETTING what they want as well.

As long as the pack says "Newport" on it, a kid around here likely wouldn't care about it being FSCs.

Here's an idea for antis. Try making it illegal to sell Newports in black communities. Cause tons of those smokers won't smoke unless the pack says "Newport." Dat idea could even help put an end to black cig markets in those communities.

But I guess those smokers could still travel to buy (or more likely, steal) Newports outta state, just like people driving miles to find non-FSC Marlboros. Neva mind on dat idea of banning Newports in my community.

I'd ratha pay 9 bucks for a pack than to pay 100s of bucks for someone's gasoline just to buy Newports. LOL!!!

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