Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Smoking ban thoughts and poll

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I like one of the Q's in this cited article with poll. (One of the otha Qs deal with "Do you support a smoking ban?" which deserves a NO of course)

"Do you approve of the President's job performance?"

I voted NO on this one. But I'd add "He!!" next to the No word if I made the poll. This President has a higha educational level than me, he sold himself as a very intelligent black person (and dat technique worked for him).

But if Obama actually thinks he's intelligent, then he needs to stop smoking too much weed. Most smokers know by now he's a big phat liar on raising taxes, his stimulus plans haven't made the economy betta, people are still losing jobs...and yet, this guy sold himself as the smartest black politician in America?

F Obama. With all due respect to him, even Bill Cosby is more intelligent for a bro than him. I'm sure even Bill reads thangs before signing papers himself. *wink*

It's funny I got a lower educational level than the President, I'm younga than him, but I still got more sense than him when it comes to tobacco issues. And I guess I'm more of a REAL black smoker than him anyway. Since he considers himself 99 percent smoke free. I consider myself someone who's darn proud to be black and a smoker.

If he loses the 2012 election, I really hope riots won't break out in black communities. Cause in all honesty, even I would make a betta black President than him. People wanna compare him to MLK. And if MLK was still around, I'd cuss Obama out on national TV if I was ML King.

MLK's spirit is probably saying "Barack has to do a darn good job as President before anyone compares him to me. I helped put the black community on the US map 4 decades ago. What the he!! has he done for the US in 2009?"

I guess these were kinda OT comments. But dat poll's Q on the President caught my attention more. Most of the voters disapprove of Obama's job so far.

I left my own comment on dat page as well.

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