Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Property (Smokers) Rights Newsletter

The Property Rights Newsletter

July 24, 2009 - Issue #532

"Smokers are now the only minority whose minority
status is quoted as justification for abuse."
- Joe Jackson
Obama Lied! By Michael J. McFadden. Obama said, and I quote exactly as you can see in the original clip, "The only tax change I've made in the 6 months I've been here is to cut people's taxes." He said that - despite the clear and recorded fact that he raised cigarette pack taxes by 150% and raised the tax on one of the poorest well-defined minority groups in the country, smokers so poor they roll their own from shreds of tobacco and scraps of paper by OVER TWO THOUSAND PERCENT (from $1/lb to $24/lb).

Taxation without Representation Unfair to Internet Retailers. The power to tax is the power to destroy. Thus, as Shughart concludes, "The Internet is one critical constraint on that power."

Electronic Cigarettes and the FDA: FDA Lunacy: Product We Know Will Kill 400,000 People This Year - APPROVED; Product that May Well Help Prevent Many of Those People from Dying: BANNED. By Michael Siegel. In fact, the factor that makes the electronic cigarette so apparently effective is the precise factor which makes it so distasteful to anti-smoking groups. These groups just cannot tolerate the idea that a smoker would continue to go through the act of smoking. The issue of whether or not the behavior is orders of magnitude safer is not relevant in the anti-smoking mindset (or in the FDA's mindset, apparently). All that matters is that the smoker achieve abstinence. And it is not abstinence from nicotine they are talking about. It is abstinence from the act of smoking.
From The Mailbag
HI: Smokers uniting to fight taxes, bans. By Kawika Crowley and Jolynn Tenn. Smokers and bar owners are angry. We have had enough and we will vote in unity.
MO: Ban May Be Up For Vote Tuesday July 28 in St. Louis County.
USA: Recommendations from the RWJF to Build a Healthier America. #6. Become a smoke-free nation.
Germany: Schoppmann's Smintair airline to offer smoking flights.
UK: Save Our Pubs
UK: WHY ARE ALL THE PUBS CLOSING? ASK PEOPLE WHO NEVER GO TO THE PUB. As it was revealed that 2000 pubs have closed in the last year, non-pub goers said their community would not be the same without the local pub they never went to.
Save Our Pubs and Clubs: 52 pubs are closing EVERY WEEK.
Inez Ward: Unite and Justice for Licensees hold talks with Kevin Brennan MP.
Watch the new Phil Williams video: The Green Party.
Freedom2Choose: NRT: Studies Destroy “Four Times More Likely To Quit With NHS” Claim.
Freedom2Choose: Read the blog. Dead Certainties - Second Hand Shite.
Forest: 30th anniversary reception and photos.
Ban Damage: Boy, 14, collapses after chewing nicotine gum equivalent to 180 cigarettes in just 25 minutes... handed out at school.
Property Rights are Smokers Rights
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