Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Quote from a good letta (to a KY Senator) I read:

"This bill will not stop the criminal element from trafficking
in black market cigarettes."
This is a good point, and a similar point I made before but in a different way. This Act ain't gonna stop those criminals who steal cartons OFFLINE and then re-sell the packs in the streets. In order to "traffick in black market cigs" you gotta get those cartons some kinda way. LOL

Maybe some politicians ain't aware of the 1-million buck cig heist in CT back in April.

I'm actually surprised dat robbery got lil attention on TV, since dat cig heist was just about as good as cleaning out a whole bank to me! You always hear of major bank robberies on TV...why not tell the public about the increase in cig heists?

This act may stop terrorists and smugglers from buying cartons online. But the act ain't gonna stop em from putting on an outfit, a mask, and load up their guns so they can "cash in" on cartons at offline places instead.

As far as tax evasion goes, stealing cigs is just about as bad (in the otha side's eyes) as buying em online. Those robbers and illegal cig dealers are still evading tobacco taxes like me...and I'm buying cigs online for my personal use only (a good reason why I "evade taxes" in otha words)!

PS: I don't really think buying cigs online is bad. But at least those "terrorists" and "smugglers" are buying em instead of literally stealin em.

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