Monday, July 13, 2009

Nannies want smoking in themilitary banned

Here's an actual article I found in relation to the idea of banning smoking and tobacco sales at the military.

This portion of the news caught my attention the most.

>>>>The VA and the Pentagon requested the study, which found that troops worn out by repeated deployments often rely on cigarettes as a "stress reliever." The study also found that tobacco use in the military rose after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began.

Well, what's so d@mn wrong about troops using cigs as a stress reliever? Over the years, I learned one reason why sistas smoke Newports around me is cause they claim smoking helps them relax when they stressed out...and need I remind you most of these sistas are moms who smoke. I'm sure the stress of being a parent is different than the stress of being in a war. But I'm sure both groups put up with tons of negative sh!t. And dat urban lady needs a Newport to calm her mind down, while a trooper might grab a Marlboro or Camel to make him go "AHHH" mentally.

At least cigs are betta relievers for stress than someone depending on 10 cans of beer to feel relieved.

>>>Tobacco use costs the Pentagon $846 million a year in medical care and lost productivity, according to the study, which was released last month and used older data. The Department of Veterans Affairs spends up to $6 billion in treatments for tobacco-related illnesses, the study found.

Oh, me understands this claim very well! So basically speaking, we oughta ban tobacco in the military so the Pentagon and Dept. of Veterans Affairs can all SAVE money! Afta all based on the economy, the country can use money for somethang else!

I don't think taking a trooper's right to smoke away is the proper way to save money. If spending mills of bucks on smoking and care costs is a problem, then politicians need to stop abusing the money they collect from smokers in the USA. Dat's mills of bucks (in tobacco taxes) the military could use to preserve their smoking freedoms.

I know if a politician told all moms "You can't use cigs as stress relievers," a lotta em would do more than just flip. They would probably pull out a page from the military and smoke the dumb-A politician. LOL!!

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