Sunday, July 5, 2009

I was rudely told to go acrss the street if I wanna smoke

I don't like being told before work "If you smoking, then walk across the street. And get to the end of the line when you done."

I guess as a US Citizen, how much I pay for in taxes on my job doesn't mean sh!t. I told myself "Why the he!! should I walk across the street if I wanna smoke? So the Cub fans don't see me smoking when some of em smoke too?"

Telling me to walk across the street if I wanna smoke when I get to work is no different from someone telling me to take it outside if I was smoking in a different place. Dat's being disrespectful to me as an American.

It seems like the treatment smokers get becomes worse by the year. If dat wasn't work, I would've told dat guy "Why don't YOU go across the street if you don't like smelling smoke in line? I'll go across the street if you gimme money to pay my phone bill for at least 6 months. Othawise, leave me the F alone!"

At least I don't run into rude nonsmokers like dat outside of my job. Cause the nonsmokers around Chicago know if they try whining about a bro's or sis's smoking, dat nonsmoker is asking for trouble.

I guess I should give you an idea of how long the line before work is. You know when Cub fans wait outside at Wrigley before the gates open,those are usually long-@$$ lines. Well, the work line at my job is no different from at length.

So if you pretend you in my shoes and someone tells you to smoke across the street and get to the end of a long-@$$ line when you done, then you would probably be outraged too.

My reaction would've expressed my honest feelings if I had a similar confrontation to dat in the streets. But I'm good at pretending to be nice and pretend to comply with the request on the job. I agree with anotha co-worker who smokes by her saying "They should force ANYONE who's smoking in line to go across the street."


Ch√ľny said...

I live your blog! I myself like the occasional cigarette and I think that everybody should be allowed to LOVE and ENJOY smoking. Nobody should have to be ashamed or need to hide because they smoke. So, this is why I like love this site.

I believe that whatever it is you do, if you do it, you should do it well. If you love to smoke your daily cigarette, you should enjoy every movement, every taste: just feel the flow. If it is not a celebration, then why smoke? This is also the spirit behind this beautiful handmade ashtray that we use when we sit down for our occassional cigarette: (Hope links are allowed.)

Congratulations once more!

Jason T said...

Thanks for being a regular reader of my blog. I'm happy you love reading it. I shouldn't be forced to hide myself while smoking a legal product. It ain't like I'm holding a joint in my hand instead of a cig.

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