Friday, July 10, 2009

FDA wants to ban tobacco, military wants to ban smoking

Someone in anotha group mentioned how the FDA will ban tobacco in 20 years by snipping away at the remaining rights smokers have left, and the military wants to ban smoking cause the military is tired of paying I guess 6 mill bucks per year in health care costs.

While I couldn't find online versions of these stories on the CNN site, I believe both of these. If tobacco IS banned 20 years from now, I can guarantee you people are still gonna be smoking. Even if it means going into a underground cig dealer's hood to buy packs or loose squares (loose cigs) thru a crack on a door. People still smoke weed although it's illegal. People will stil smoke tobacco, whetha it's legal or not.

As far as the military wanting to ban smoking goes, I know if I served this country and risked my own life in a war. I'd be offended if someone told me I can't smoke. And the miitary gotta be joking on the health care costs of smoking. How much does the F it costs for the health care of OBESE people in the military? I bet caring for the obese costs a lot more than the cost of care for smokers!

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