Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why do teens still smoke

Why do teens light up despite the fact they know the risks of smoking?

Maybe it's cause teens wanna feel like grown-ups. Why do antis think teens also experiment with sex, drinking alcohol, and even drugs? Well not every teen tries drugs, but I'm sure anyone with common sense follows my point..

.Maybe teens still smoke cause they know there's pleasure inside of dat cig. There are reasons why I love smoking myself, and nic is not one of my reasons. I like the feeling of a cig between my fingas and in my mouth. I like the refreshing feeling menthols give me when I inhale menthol smoke. I'm sure several teen smokerswould agree with me.

There are otha reasons why teens still smoke, cause of peer pressure, and family pressure in some cases. I wish my mother gave Newport cartons as Christmas gifts in my teen years. LOL

I hope antis heard of this saying from a young person. "If smoking is so bad, then somethang MUST be good about it."

Smoking is also the "in" thang for most teens, especially urban teens. If antis think it's shocking to hear of teens lighting up cigs, then they might gasp if they ever saw PRE-teens smoking cigs in a town like mine. I wonder if they would believe me if I said "You don't have to wait til you a teen to smoke or drink around me. I've seen 10 year olds smoke cigs AND drink before."

Smoking is very common for teens and preteens around me. It ain't my fault dat kids AND adults in Chicago tend to ignore lots of laws, including small ones. It's illegal for a teen to smoke anythang actually (including weed). I'm sure even tobacco regulation won't stop teens from smoking anywhere in this nation

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