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The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

June 12, 2009 - Issue #529

"The strategy of distorting the evidence to serve an
agenda has adverse consequences."
- Michael Marlow

Hengerland Rock!
(Put your dancing shoes on and watch this video!) By Paul Kearns. My protest song about the state of this country. (UK) It is a mickey take of the state of immigration and how we have become second class citizens in our own country. It is not PC in any way shape or form but, as I understand it, I still have the right of free speech. It does not take the rise out of anyone but our pathetic Government.
Brian Wilson: News Talk 1370 WSPD
Where Toledo comes to talk - June 5, 2009
Pam Parker, Buckeye Liquor Permit Holder Association.
Talks about smoking bans, freedom, and property rights.

From The Mailbag
Ban Damage: California Polytechnic, Professor of Economics, Michael Marlow, looks at the question of the real risks of ETS exposure in comparison to several of the negative consequences of smoking bans, and concludes that: "To achieve a political goal, advocates of smoking bans may exaggerate the risk of ETS and deny evidence of economic harm to some businesses. Distorted presentation of epidemiologic and economic evidence has the adverse effect of increasing total health risk, and of undermining the integrity of science."
Ban Damage: J.T. Tomlin - The Economic Impact Of Smoking Bans.
KS: Salina Smoking ban back on the table, with exemptions.
MO: A smoking ban would be detrimental to workers.
TX: Defeat of statewide ban a victory for private property rights.
USA: Beware letting CDC Director Frieden become food cop.
USA: Senate votes to give FDA power to regulate tobacco. FDA authority over tobacco has long been a goal of anti-smoking advocates... The House has passed its own similar version, and a resolution of differences would send it to President Barack Obama, who supports it.
USA: E-Cigarettes-FDA. If It's Not Regulated, How Can It Be Safer Than Sucking Smoke? By Jacob Sullum.
Scotland: Fierce Lobbying Continues in War over Tobacco Display.
Scotland: International Tobacco Control Corruption Exposed.
UK: June 2009 Freedom To Choose Newsletter, read all the news.
UK: Smoking Ban Nearing An End? UKIP's General Election Odds.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


My name is Kent Fisher, and I’m a fellow smoker. Like most smokers in the U.S., I’m trying to avoid the unfair and obscenely high tobacco taxes that have recently been discriminately imposed on us. A few years ago, I was saving money by getting them from what was advertized as a “SOVEREIGN” American Indian reservation - that later turned out to be located on “disputed territory”. A couple years later, I received a surprise tax bill from my state for more than two grand, for all the orders that I placed with that company. Then I finally found one that was not only TRULY sovereign, but who also kept or created NO trackable records. That worked fine until this past June when Obama made it unlawful for even native vendors to ship them. Then, in my search for a new economical tobacco products vender to SAFELY do business with, I came across a company called “Sovran Solutions Online”.

They claim that they are now the ONLY way to beat the tax and shipping issues associated with the PACT Act, however, they seem a bit clandestine, and while they make lots of enticing claims, verification of the legitimacy of those claims remains illusive.

Hopefully you have some meaningful information about them, or (as an advocate) can get more information from them. I`m still trying to find out more, but here`s what I’ve got so far:

They refer to themselves as a tobacco products “buying club". They`re a foreign registered company operating out of Panama. BBB-Online has NO record on them. Despite the recent PACT act signed by Obama, they told me in a recent email that they STILL ship using the U.S. Postal Service. You do business with them by using a credit card to FIRST deposit funds into a "club member account", after which you then can apparently place orders up to the amount in your account. They are quite vague and reluctant to give out much information to non-members, and you MUST register first (and pay a registration membership fee), in order to access certain parts of their website, or to communicate with company management (via a message board). Consequently, most of my "non-member" email questions to them went unanswered.

So far, I have the following problems with this company : 1). NO BBB RECORD, 2). The U.S. government was the chief contractor of the Panama Canal and had a 100 year lease on it, so I`m skeptical about actual "jurisdiction insulation" of this company, and their actual legal sovereignty is in question; which causes one to wonder just how safe and "private" customer transaction records may actually be in the long run. 3). I don`t like the fact that SSO uses credit cards as the payment method, instead of discrete money orders; and since card companies already have a history of reporting consumer tobacco purchases to government authorities, there is no assurance that those same credit card companies won’t report consumer transactions with SSO. 4). They did not explain to me how they are STILL able to ship via USPS - contrary to the new U.S. law. 5). They did not answer my question asking if customers had to SIGN for delivery of orders received from them, or from their distributors. AND ... 5). So far, (even though they claim to have been in business for a few years now), I can`t find anybody ANYWHERE online, who admits (on any unaffiliated website) to having had any satisfactory experience with this company, nor anyone so far who can speak from personal experience, to answer the questions above.

Non-members can get half-assed answers to some relative questions by contacting an apparent intermediary at:

If anyone within your organization can shed more light on this company, the rest of us would certainly be very grateful.