Monday, June 29, 2009

Smoking is legal but a crime to most in society

Here's a small thought on my birthday.

Most smoking activists already know the govt is nothang but a bunch of hypocrites by encouraging smokers to quit. Bet yet, those rich a-holes wanna BEG people like me to keep buying cigs for SCHIP.

Their first way of forcing people to quit smoking? Keep raising the prices on cigs. This way didn't work. Some stopped based on the prices. But most smokers found alternative ways to buy tobacco. Even if it means making adjustments in their moolah management in order to afford cigs.

The second way to force people to quit smoking? Make all brands FSCs. This method seems to be working betta in making people stop smoking, although some smokers switched to rolling and/or growing their own. At least those smokers who switched from FSCs are brave for not giving into pressure from antis and politicians.

I guess once the govt eventually learns about people making their own cigs and/or growing their own tobacco, I dunno how they gonna stop the serious smokers. The politicians wanna make people die fasta if those folks choose to smoke....dat's why they kept their mouths shut to the public as FSCs became more common.

Well, if high tobacco prices and FSCs don't work in forcing every single smoker to quit, I hope the nannies in the USA don't take "making smokers die fasta" to the next level by having authorities visit those who are growing their own tobacco (and then treat those goodie smokers as actual criminals on the run).

Nah, I don't think authorities would go as far as arresting and resorting to gun violence in stopping the serious smokes out here. But now dat I'm a year older, I'm convinced smoking is the only legal habit out here dat's treated like a criminal activity. I still think it's funny it's a "crime" to smoke near doorways while outside of all f'kin places.

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