Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One small positive from FDA regulation

If there's anythang positive from this news, it's menthols not being banned. But otha flavored cigs and cloves will be.

Dat's good news in theory. It would be even more betta for me to enjoy menthols if my right to buy em online ain't abused.

I guess the black antismokers didn't get their wish of "Saving the Afro-American community" by banning menthols. I neva said this to a fellow bro or sista. But FU if you think not having menthols can save our community.

Just like politicians and antis online, you guys refuse to admit there are MORE serious issues within our community than people smoking mainly Newports and Swisher Sweet cigars. I guess these people who use coke and drink too darn much in our community can take a back seat to blacks who smoke menthols. If even a 10 year old black kid smoking menthols is not right for our community, what does dat make a prostitute or a homeless sis? It's perfectly normal for em to get money for sex? LOL!!!

Your guys' priorities ain't as straight as otha antismokers' priorities.

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