Thursday, June 11, 2009

The numba of deaths related with using tobacco hasn't changed?

The numba of people dying from tobacco use hasn't changed? I guess not, since the antis are the ones who keep inventing new "numbas" of tobacco use-related deaths.

I wouldn't know how to define a tobacco usage-related death. Lots will pass off the death of dat MI lady from the tavern as a "tobacco-related death," with SHS being her killer. But dat ain't a TRUE tobacco-related death to me. Since she was asthmatic, she shouldn't have been working in a smokey environment in the first place.

I wonder if antis would pass off store clerk murders as "tobacco usage-related deaths" when the motive behind the murders is folks stealing packs and cartons particularly.

There's no such thang as a tobaco usage related death to me. Cause if it was, smokers would be dying within only 5 years of starting. Tobacco oughta be killing smokrs in a flash based on how antis make smoking sound. Dat lie on using tobacco doesn't explain how a smoker can live for as long as 100+ years, but a nonsmoker will be lucky to live for 75 years.

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