Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My thoughts on the e-cigarette

Me neva tried an e-cig, and me neva will. As several smokers online pointed out, the e-cig ain't the real thang, and I want a real cig in my mouth. I'd ratha even smoke a regular cig over an e-cig anytime. Cause at least a reg cig has tobacco in it. E-cigs don't.

Me bets it won't be long before Big Daddy and antis find a way to ban e-cigs. E-cigs are already banned in one country...Australia I think.

Do you think a bro or sista would be interested in smoking an "electronic joint?" He!! no. They probably wouldn't get hi from an e-joint. And I seriously doubt they would want an e-cig.

Sounds like buying the batteries for the e-cig is just about as expensive as a single carton of (real) cigs offline.

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