Monday, June 8, 2009

Copy of my post from Topix

(Me was replying to a smoker named Jim at Topix who was wondering who he should sue over the fire-safe cigs.)

You can sue the tobacco companies and your state's politicians for passing the FSC law. But good luck in trying to win a lawsuit against politicians who's main motive with FSCs is to make all smokers quit.

Raising the cig prices over and over doesn't work in making smokers quit. Some smokers will just look into stealing their cigs or buy them underground in the same way weed is bought.

Or as one smoker said on the online petition, smokers won't quit just because of high prices. They'll make adjustments in how they spend money so they'll have enough cig money instead.

Politicians feel since raising the prices over and over on cigs ain't working in making ALL smokers quit, they feel making all cigs FSCs by 2010 will work. Since millions of smokers obviously hate the taste of FSCs, including myself.

Sure you can buy NON-FSCs online from some smoke shops. But unless you contact your Senators and tell them to vote NO on the PACT Act (which would make it illegal for the USPS to deliver cigs from online), your right to buy NON-FSCs online might be gone soon.

Politicians AND Big Tobacco wanna force you to spend lots of money for cigs offline that ain't real cigs to begin with. Or the only option is to quit smoking if you don't wanna even protect your right to buy non-FSC cigs online.

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