Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6 months of BS for Americans with Obama

I guess July is the 6-month anniversary of Obama's presidency. I hope America loves having a "Black" President. The only part of this guy's personality dat makes him black is he doesn't read sh!t when it comes to signing bills into law.

I wonder if someone presented him a bill dat would make it legal for authorities to attack ANYONE they see smoking a cig in public, would Obama at least read a bill like dat? I bet he wouldn't, since he calls himself a 95 percent nonsmoker.

I'd read it, and not sign a bill as discriminatory as dat one. I'd basically say "If you think it should be lawful for cops to murder any smoker, then you might as well show me a bill dat makes it legal to have like smokers restaurants and nonsmokers restaurants. If we gonna re-live the days before "we" got recognized as actual Americans (where this time, it's smokers getting 2nd class treatment), then we might as well have smokers' businesses. Othawise, smokers have the right to live in peace without added hatred just like us, thank you!"

Happy anniversary, Obama! America hasn't improved ever since you became President. It got worse. But I guess a long as antis keep paying you to support their side, you don't care about the increase in cig heists....let alone people still losing jobs every month.

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