Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WI smoking ban would take effect in 2010

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Smoking ban would take effect in July 2010

Madison - Wisconsin would be covered by a comprehensive statewide workplace smoking ban by July 5, 2010, if a deal brokered Wednesday is passed by the Legislature next week and signed into law.

All workplaces, including taverns, restaurants and hotels, would be smoke-free under the bill before the Legislature. Legislative leaders, smoking ban advocates and the Tavern League of Wisconsin agreed to the changes to the proposal, which is now on a fast track and is slated for a vote May 13 in both houses of the Legislature.

Under the proposal:

• Taverns, restaurants, hotels and other businesses would have more than a year to prepare for a ban. Existing cigar bars and tobacco shops would be exempt.

• Individuals caught smoking would face fines ranging between $100 and $250. Business owners would see $100 fines for willful violations, but wouldn't be penalized if they attempt to stop people from smoking.

• Local governments would not be allowed to pass ordinances that are stricter than the state law except on government-owned properties.

• Taverns would be allowed to create smoking areas within a reasonable distance from their doors.

Supporters have said a statewide ban is necessary to eliminate the "patchwork" of local ordinances; 37 Wisconsin communities have smoking bans. Those would remain until the statewide ban goes into effect.

Tavern League of Wisconsin President Rob Swearingen, owner of the Al-Gen Supper Club in Rhinelander, said the implementation delay was important because it would allow tavern owners time to prepare for the change, as well as give the economy time to improve.

"We're hoping they will make that adjustment, get their customers ready, get themselves ready," he said. "I hope there's not going to be any hardship on our people."

If the bill becomes law, Wisconsin would join its neighbors Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois in having statewide smoking bans.

Gov. Jim Doyle, who included the smoking ban proposal in his budget, said in a statement he was pleased with the agreement.

"I wish the ban would be implemented sooner, but today we are one step closer to a statewide smoking ban that is fair and equitable," Doyle's statement said.

What's next

• The Senate's Committee on Health, Health Insurance, Privacy, Property Tax Relief and Revenue and the Assembly's Committee on Health and Healthcare Reform will take separate votes at 10 a.m. Friday to advance the bill to the full Legislature.

• Both houses of the Legislature are expected to vote on the measure Wednesday.

• If it passes both houses, the bill would land on Gov. Jim Doyle's desk.

• The ban would go into effect 90 days after Doyle signs it, except for taverns, which would have until July 2010 to comply.


Marshall said...

As a member of Ban the Ban Wisconsin I appalled at the under the table dealings behind this. This was all choreographed before the bills were even introduced, There was not ample notification of the hearings so setting up opposition was impossible.

Carol said...


We will never accept this law because it's based on criminality and corruption and scientific fraud. There have been more than 50 studies, which show that human papillomaviruses cause over ten times more lung cancers than the anti-smokers pretend are caused by secondhand smoke. For socioeconomic reasons, smokers and passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to this virus. And the anti-smokers purposely use defective studies that are based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires in order to falsely blame passive smoking for all those extra lung cancers that are really caused by HPV. They are automatically guilty of flagrant scientific fraud for ignoring those 50-plus studies, and lying in our faces that there's no scientific debate. There's no scientific debate because these criminals have censored it, not because of lack of scientific evidence!

The anti-smokers systematically commit this same type of fraud, of delibertely using defective studies to falsely blame tobacco for diseases that are really caused by infection, with every disease they blame on tobacco. And all this is happening because of political corruption by the American Cancer Society. They have been the corrupt powers behind the throne ever since Governor Walter J. Kohler was national chairman of the Cancer Society at the same time that he was governor in the 1950s. And the same clique with close ties to the Cancer Society have been the leading contribution bundlers behind both Governors Thompson and Doyle. One of them was recently convicted on Federal charges of bribery and corruption. This has been a 50-year campaign to disenfranchise the people and shove health fascist tyranny down our throats, and I believe that Wisconsin government is absolutely and unredeemably corrupt.

HPV Causes Lung Cancer

The Percentage of Cancer Caused By Infection

Wisconsin Smokers' Rights and the Cancer Society

Hurtgen pleads guilty in pay-to-play scheme
February 25, 2009

Some articles have claimed that former Gov. Tommy Thompson brought Hurtgen into the government when he was a state legislator - more likely it was the other way around. P. Nicholas Hurtgen has longstanding family ties to the State Government - and the American Cancer Society.

P. Nicholas Hurtgen's grandfather was Eugene Murphy, of Gateway Transportation, a trucking firm in La Crosse, who served on the Wisconsin State College Board of Regents, now the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, from 1951 to 1973. Eugene Murphy's brother, W. Leo Murphy, was one of the founding directors of the Wisconsin Division of the American Cancer Society after its reorganization in 1947. Walter J. Kohler Jr., the state chairman of the Wisconsin Division, was ACS Board Chairman 1953-59, and Governor of Wisconsin from 1951-56. Kohler presided at the American Cancer Society's 1957 meeting which urged all public health agencies to take action against smoking. And Hurtgen's second cousin and political mentor, M. William Gerard, was an old friend of the Murphys who became the lobbyist for Philip Morris! Phil Prange is Hurtgen's brother-in-law, and his wife, Alison Prange, is government relations director [i.e., head lobbyist] for the American Cancer Society.

And P.S., these are the people who operate the Wisconsin Eye video system in the State Legislature as well. So Big Brother, the Cancer Society, is watching everything!

When I was finished, I loudly said that I HOPED someone had questions. There was nothing but SHOCKED SILENCE from those crooked rats.

Jason T said...

Thanks to both Marshall and Carol for leaving their comments. Me notices the URLs within comments don't automatically turn into links.

So if anyone wants to view a URL posted within a comment, you'll have to copy/paste the entire URL in your browser's address bar.