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The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

May 1, 2009 - Issue #524

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must,
like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
- Tom Paine
From The USA Mailbag
100 Days Later: Nation Waits for FDA Overhaul. Agency is so understaffed, it inspects less than 1 percent of imported food. Who's going to take the blame when the tobacco black market sends us back to the days of Al Capone with a nasty Bin Ladin element added, when the lobbyists are exposed as corrupt and in bed with the NicoGummyPatchyProductPeople at Big Pharma, and when the overstretched FDA results in thousands of deaths and illnesses from school lunches? The antismoking movement may end up doing more to destroy Obama's presidency than the trillion dollar bailouts. Sad.

House Panel Approves Bill to Deter Illegal (Internet) Sales and Smuggling of Tobacco. The panel also adopted by voice vote a Robert W. Goodlatte , R-Va., amendment that would express the sense of Congress that the measure does not set a precedent regarding states’ ability to collect sales tax on out-of-state entities.

Competing Interests of Glantz Must Be Declared. Opponents of Ohio Bans activist Pam Parker takes on the mechanical engineer who likes to wear white coats and be called "Dr." Glantz. It does science a grave injustice. Further there should be, at the very least, journalistic ramifications for not disclosing competing interests, especially when these findings are used to validate laws and create policies.

CA: Long Beach puts smoking lounges on hold, one year review.
FL: Jury Verdict For Philip Morris USA In Engle Progeny Case.
IA: Freedom Fighters gear up for ongoing battles against ban.
KS: You'll only see it here: Reno County Health Dept. exposed!
LA: IPCPR Says LA Legislature Puts State Businesses at Risk.
MA: Landlords push to ban smoking at home, activists sidestep fray.
MI: The Biggest Threat to Freedom: Ideologues In Extremis.
NV: Bar owners disagree with research, bans hurt!
TN: It'll cost state employees to smoke, you AND spouse.
TX: Smoking Ban Proposition Could Be Snuffed Out Soon.
WI: Antis want their people to make calls. Here is the contact info.
WI: E-cigs big tobacco ploy; Smoke Free Wisconsin.
Video: Electric Cigarette: Smoking Everywhere on ABC News.
WebMD: Provides Answers to Your Questions About Swine Flu.
USA Tax: Outlook hazy for smoking rates in the USA. "It's a paradoxical phenomenon: even though people have less money to spend, they still buy cigarettes."
George Koodray
"A lot of people may not object to this kind of policy because they don’t smoke,” Koodray said. “But down the road, it’s a slippery slope, where we see this taking form to other prohibitions in the future that people don’t approve of but are completely legal."
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