Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is a dumb cig robber from Nebraska

ARTICLE LINK (Updated link)

Dat cig robber needs to visit Chicago one day and talk to a person similar to me so he learn about ski masks, stocking masks, and sh!t, even a FACE mask would do betta for his face than an empty beer box.

I know if I shared a copy of this article with every smoker I can find within my community alone, I bet every one of em would be laughing like crazy at the idea of him wearing an empty Bud Light case as a mask. And the fact dat "mask" fell off of him as he fled away with the packs...dat wasn't smart at all.

He had the right idea of hiding his identity with a mask. But who the F would use an empty beer case as a mask? I guess based on where he lives, he ain't used to seeing vid shots of otha robbers in Nebraska.

Of course dat "mask" is gonna fall off by running away. It ain't meant to fit around his face. hee hee

And I thought a seeing a w-boy rob a gas station on TV a few years ago with no mask on period was stupid....this "beer mask" is actually worse.

I hope this Nebraska cig robber didn't run away while holding 9 packs in his hands. LOL!!!

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