Thursday, May 14, 2009

Talk about raising alcohol taxes in my local area

OOOOO.....I've been waiting for years to hear these words I heard on a local news brief just a few mins ago.

"There's talk about raising the taxes on alcoholic beverages, and the benefits of raising the taxes."

I'm sure the economy has a lot to do with talk of raising alcoholic taxes (even if this is just a local tax increase instead of a fed tax increase). But to be honest, it's about d@#n time to bring up raising taxes on a legal product otha than tobacco. Smokers shouldn't be the only group in America dat keeps seeing tax hikes every so and so months on tobacco.

If there's talk about raising the taxes on alcoholic drinks, I propose making alcoholics join smokers and dippers in helping fund SCHIP too.

I wonder if people quitting smoking is actually anotha reason why there's talk on raising alcohol taxes? I mean afta all, the more people quit smoking, the more money states lose out on. And they gotta find a new group to tax instead of smokers. They're also losing money from smokers who buy cigs online.

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