Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Smoking in China

I notice packs of cigs in China have less than 20 cigs in em. Me looked at the pic, and dat Marlboro Lights pack had a numba of less than 20 cigs on it.

Maybe one reason why China has the largest smoking rate in the world is cause they have the cheapest prices for packs in the world. I can see paying 2 bucks for a pack of less than 20 cigs.

And of course, smoking is still socially acceptable over there. It would be rude for someone to turn down a cig offer from me over there, and it would certainly be rude of me to say "No thanks" to a hot chick offering me a cig.

D@mn, I wish those days in the US would come back. Being a smoker used to be a good way to make new friends. Like if you or someone else offers a cig, the offer is accepted, you two light up your babies in your mouth, and you all start a friendly chat.

It's hard meeting new smokers in modern times within the US cause of the smoking bans. And you can't easily use a cig as an ice-breaker for conversation with someone (unless you smoking outside in my's real easy to use your smoking to attract new people in a hood, although dat's different than trying and praying to meet a new smoker in downtown)

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