Monday, May 4, 2009

Smokers complained, and the Mets listened

Me heard dat when the Mets opened their new ballpark Citi Field, it was originally supposed to be nonsmoking all over the ballpark. But I guess several Met fans complained about the smoke free ballpark, and the Mets listened. The smoking area in the ballpark is around the right field area. And from what I heard, LOTS of people are smoking in the new designated smoking area at the Met games.

This is a rare case where smokers speak out, and the management listens to the smokers. If more smokers across the nation spoke out about smoke-free airplanes and smoke-free hospitality places, I guess they can dream on about anyone listening to complaints then.

But as antismoking as NY is, I'm surprised someone from the Mets organization actually listened to the fans and established a designated smoking area.

For the record, the new version of Yankee Stadium (the otha NY ballpark) is 100 percent smoke free with no exceptions. And I bet the Yankee fans who smoke are peed off dat Met fans have a place to smoke at within Citi Field.

If I lived in NY, I'd be a Met fan only based on the fact I'd have a place to smoke at if I went to their games.

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