Friday, May 22, 2009

Ohio: Robber steals 33 cig cartons from gas staton


>>>"It's just ridiculous, I don't know why someone would do it, if they get caught they are going to jail," Shamrock Asst. Manager Nicki Brooks said.

Dat's why a person stealing cigs has to be fast at it, a-hole. Why do you think robbers in banks and C-stores usually say "Hurry up! Put all of the loot in [the bags]?" LOL!!!!

I know why they do it. Cigs are in the same class as loot in a bank (or C-store) and jewelry. If you gonna be slow at stealing anythang, you might as well go to jail.

People stealing cigs ain't news to me. And the fact they fast in stealing the cartons? Dat's no different from otha robbers out here.

It does sux I gotta be fast at sneakng cigs in places though. Especially on my job.

I watched the vid in assosciation with this article. Dat robber knew what he was doing. He did a d@mn good job of hiding his identity. He obviously has experience from robbing in the past. And sh!t, loading 33 cartons in a trash bag in less than a minute? Dat w-boy is VERY fast! I'd be lucky to just grab 10 cartons and stuff em up in less than a minute.

If this happened in Chicago, there would be mention of the robbery on the news. But a "top story" around here would be more like a murder. Even a bank robbery would be more of a bigga story than someone stealing cig cartons around here.

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