Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Kick review page has been updated

My Kick review page has been updated, now that I've tried the Kick Menthols and Kick Menthol Lights. If I had to rank all 5 of these Kick brands, it would be tough since I like the taste of 4 of them. But I definitely know I think I finally found a very good alternative to smoking expensive Newports.

Kick menthols may not be as strong as Newports. But they have a MUCH BETTA mint flava in em compared to Newports! Kick Menthol lights almost feel like the same way a MYO menthol light tastes....with the breath-mint taste in the cigs!

My Kick Brand Rankings:

1. Kick Full Flavor.....4 stars
2. Kick Menthol......4 stars
3. Kick Lights....3 stars
4. Kick Menthol Lights.....3 stars
5. Kick Ultra Lights.....1 star

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