Sunday, May 3, 2009

The economy would be betta with no smoking bans

I bet if smoking bans neva existed in this nation, the nation's economy would be in betta shape.

Nonsmokers and antis don't wanna confess smokers play a positive role in the nation's economy. They wanna blame the economy itself for business closures. But how do you think we got into this sh!t in the first place economy-wise? It all goes back to those smoking bans themselves.

BTW, if antismokers can waste money on gambling, or waste tons of money on buying booze, then (in all honesty) they can't use dat economy excuse. Using their logic, if smokers can't afford to visit a smoke-free tavern cause of the economy, how the he!! can antis find a way to buy booze every darn day in a liquor store instead? How about antis who waste money on lottery tickets?

Sure, smokers don't visit hospitality businesses cause of the nation's economy. Yeah right. Tell dat sh!t to a kid. How the F can you antis waste money on too much gambling and booze? And I thought the economy affects EVERYONE. Not just smokers (and "us" for dat matta....MFkas!).

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