Thursday, May 21, 2009

Comments on Ohio-based article quotes

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"I told my cardiologist every time I quit, I gained weight. I told him I'm either going to die from smoking cigarettes or die from obesity, and he said smoking is worse," recalled Cheek, who recently completed Aultman's Give It Up! program and is determined to remain smoke-free.

Dying from smoking is worse than dying from obesity? WTF is dat cardiologist smoking?

I wouldn't even think someone can die DIRECTLY from smoking cigs eitha. I dunno how someone can smoke for 18 years if there was any truth to cigs causing a direct death.

"It's too dang expensive to keep doin' it."

Honey, I've heard dat from smokers in my own community. But smokers around me still find ways to get cigs. I ain't gonna recommend stealing cigs if they're too damn expensive. But if you heard about buying cigs online, I bet you wouldn't quit then.

But I did hear it's illegal to buy smokes online if you live in Ohio. :(

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