Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An asthmatic chick forced McDonald's to voluntarily ban smoking in all of their restaurants?

I wish I could get confirmation on this. But I read off of anotha forum this asthmatic chick sued McDonald's (for the SHS making her breathing difficult) and she wanted em to ban smoking to accomodate her needs. McD's decided to ban smoking in their restaurants nationwide cause they feared an asthmatic person might drop dead from inhaling tobacco smoke while eating.

If there's any truth to this, I can thank dat Btch for making McD's voluntarily become smoke-free. Cause their decision to ban smoking forced a McDs in downtown Chicago to go outta biz a few months afta they became smoke-free. Before the ban, this same McDs used to be PACKED with smokers inside EVERY (Fkin) DAY!! You couldn't find a seat in the smoking section on the main floor. You would have to walk upstairs to the old NON-smoking section to find an open table.

Under the ban, if they just had 10 people eating in there at any point during the day, dat would've been a darn good day for the workers.

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