Monday, April 20, 2009

The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

April 17, 2009 - Issue #522

The Americans have had presidents, Johnny Cash, Bob Hope
and Stevie Wonder. We have Gordon Brown,
No Cash, No Hope, and No bleeding Wonder.
- Anonymous from the UK
Cigarette tax increased 62 cents. "I don't think they did very careful research," Kuneman said. Kuneman, unlike Wagar and Cooperstock, said there is insufficient evidence that tax hikes cause a decline in smoking. The support for health care programs, which he said were failing, should be spread to all taxpayers. "If the SCHIP program is a good program, everybody should be funding it," Kuneman said. "Everybody should be paying their fair share to pay it, not just smokers."

The total failure of smoking bans: By Michael J. McFadden. The problem they faced was that such a social engineering admission would have doomed the ban to failure - so they dressed it up as "protecting nonsmokers." A lie, just like all their other lies.

FACT CHECK: Do smokers cost society money? Yet nonsmokers cost society money, too — by living longer. It's an element of the debate over tobacco that some economists and officials find distasteful. "The natural train of logic that follows from that is that then anybody that's admitted around age 65 or older that's showing any signs of sickness should be denied treatment," Pechacek said. "That's the cheapest thing to do."
From The Mailbag
NV: Bill softening NV smoking ban passes Legislative committee.
PA: Players light up cigarette before game as tribute to Kalas.
TX: Alert: legislators are considering a statewide ban – again.
TX: Texas may raise legal smoking age from 18 to 19.
VT: IPCPR Stresses ‘Freedom, Unity’ for All Vermont Citizens.
USA: Where's the Fire? By Jacob Sullum. The rush to ban electronic cigarettes is hazardous to smokers' health.
USA: Martin D. Weiss. Please sign my Petition to Congress: "Thanks for Nothing, Washington - I'd Rather Bail Myself Out!"
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Ireland: Martyrdom Update: Chris Carter - Smoking for Freedom.
Netherlands: Breda court says NO and overturns café smoking ban.
Scotland: Freedom To Choose Petition Gains International Support.
The smoking ban in England and Wales
is NOT legal. Part 1 and Part 2
The same exemption that exists for the
house of commons bar, applies to all
property in England and Wales.
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Kate Burton said...

I thought you might be interested in the fact that the North Carolina State Health plan is now requiring tiered plans for smokers and those with BMI's that are "too high". I've got a rant about it on my blog.