Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tobacco retailer gets murdered in his home-based business

All I'm gonna say I bet those "squares" inside of this guy's house was the M.O. behind his murder. Not the moolah he made from selling cigs. The moolah is a bonus of course.

I'm sure you'll even hear more news stories similar to this one in the future. Cept it might be cops busting cig dealers with stolen cartons/packs in their hideouts. Instead of the otha way around with a man who used his home as a cig store and got murdered.

You likely familiar with weed dealers getting busted. But it's gonna be CIG dealers getting busted too for selling (stolen) packs illegally as this year progresses.

Of course, if you the type of person who doesn't like reading about murders, feel free to ignore this.

PS: Yes, I'm aware all packs sold by dealers ain't necessarily stolen. Packs can also be imported (and sold) into the US in the same way weed is smuggled into this country.


EAST ST. LOUIS -- -- The St. Clair County States Attorney's Office has issued first degree murder charges against three men in connection with the-shooting death of an 80-year-old East St. Louis man.
Spencer Brewer, who sold loose cigarettes, packs and cartons of cigarettes from his home at a cheaper price than they could be bought retail, was found dead March 29 and covered with clothing and debris inside his home in the 500 block of Gray Boulevard. He was shot in the chest near his heart, police said, and intruders took the security bars off of a rear door.
East St. Louis Detective Michael Floore said the three suspects are relatives and were charged with first degree murder and residential burglary. Dennis Edwards, 45, of-65 High Pointe in Belleville; and his nephews, George Edwards, 27, of 740 N. 51st St. in East St. Louis, and Santez Edwards, 23, formerly of 4812 State St. in East St. Louis, are each being held in the East St. Louis Jail on $1 million bond.
Brewer was the father of 11 children, six girls and five boys. His son Stanley Brewer said the man lived alone, kept to himself and never let customers inside his home. Police said Brewer sold the cigarettes through the front door.
Brewer was well-known and well-liked by the community, family members said. Stanley Brewer said he couldn't think of a single enemy his father had.
On Sunday afternoon, Det. Michael Floore said Dennis Edwards knew the victim and had bought cigarettes from him from time to time.
Brewer had a lot of loose change in the house when his body was discovered. Floore confirmed that the suspects stole some of the victim's money and that an anonymous tip led police to their suspects.
East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks Jr. said he wanted to thank and commend the men and women of the East St. Louis Police Department along with any others who assisted in the investigation.
"While it is always very, very unfortunate when you hear of homicides in any community, it is somewhat gratifying when you can see that justice is about to be rendered to those individuals who perpetrated such a horrible crime," Parks said.

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