Thursday, April 9, 2009

Society costs smokers money in two ways

Society is certainly costing smokers money in the sense of several smokers being forced to sacrifice stuff in order to afford buying their cigs (like cutting down on their eating/alcohol habits in order to have "cig money").

I know Elizabeth's point on society costing smokers money was based on smokers who believe the lies and antismoking can see this as "costing smokers money" in the sense of society controlling the smokers' minds.

There might be a smoker out there who believes the antismoking lies 100 percent, that once he/she quits smoking...instead of getting "betta health" as the mothaFkin antis preach, that ex-smoker is feeling pain in a mental sense...almost like somethang is missing in that ex-smoker's hand and/or mouth.

Me read online before on how some smokers reported eating more food and getting colds more often when they did try to quit. But those same smokers said they actually felt a HE!!UVA LOT BETTA when they started smoking again.

If a smoker believes his/her health will get betta as part of quitting smoking, think again. I rarely get any colds at all as a smoker myself. Sure, taking care of your hugiene is important in avoiding the flu. But despite antis themselves saying smokers get colds a lot more often, this hasn't been the case for me in my life as a smoker. Seems like when I get colds now (if I get some at all), it might be like only 1-3 times per year.

And eating less as a smoker is actually a good thang. I dunno about antis. But I'd ratha look average for the rest of my life instead of walking around with a fat tummy as a nonsmoker.

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Jason T said...

I'm sure an anti would argue "How can you say society is forcing smokers to eat less by raising the price of cigs? And then you say furtha down that smoking makes people eat less anyway?"

Well, eating habits includes someone who also eats snack food a lot. Based on the high cig prices, a smoker might be forced to eat fewer potato chips and less ice cream as snack for instance.

And a smoker doesn't necessarily have to cut down on eating in order to get cigs. A smoker could cut down on buying liquor bottles/cans. Or a smoker can cut down on the numba of time he/she uses his/her cell phone.

A smoker could even cut down on driving thru fast food joints. Beaides, fast food ain't really cheap to eat if you go through drive thrus every day.

OR, in order to afford cigs...

...a smoker can just switch to a smaller tobacco cig brand. And SAVE money on smoking at the same time. I'd ratha smoke a small, cheap brand like Kick instead of make my own sacrifices in order to buy an expensive brand of cigs a lot.