Sunday, April 12, 2009

RE: Antismoking commercial

As I told Dee in the Maine group, those NY antis who produced that commercial are full of sh!t. She hinted there are lots of antismoking commercials up there similar to the one I saw.

And I wish I could chainsmoke a half of a pack in antis' Fkin faces within an enclosed room.

I wanna see if em inhaling SHS from my chainsmoking makes em die, since THEY the ones who said for years SHS kills.

Well we can put that lie to the test if an anti is brave enough to sit with a bro for at least an hour in an enclosed room. I can assure the person I promise not to have a gun on me. Just a pack and a lighta, and the tray for the room. LOL

And then afta my chainsmoking session is over, I'd expect to hear an apology from the anti for lying about SHS killing nonsmokers. (If SHS kills, that "boy" would've died from inhaling my own smoke, right?)

If an anti can't even say "I'm sorry for lying about SHS killing nonsmokers," he betta make up his mind if he wants to keep living period before leaving that room!

(I said I wouldn't have a gun on me in that hypothetical SHS experiment with an anti. But I neva promised the anti he can leave the room with no harm from me by him not admitting he's a liar like the rest of em. HA HA HA!)

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