Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good luck in trying to bust smokers who save on cheap cigs

You definitely can't catch a person trying to buy cigs at a cheapa price if that person is armed all of the time, even while out in public. :)

But cigs are the LEGAL product that's smuggled in the most? Gee, I wonder why. Maybe the program called "SHITIP" rings a bell?

I can't believe some states are more worried about catching people trying to save money on cigs. Trying to catch smokers who steal smokes now is one thang. But trying to catch someone BUYING cigs cheap?

That "goodie smoker" who's buying the legal product instead of stealing it might know a thang or 2 about self-defense.

At least Arkansas admits they can't catch every smoker saving money on cigs, but they can bust the business who sell cigs cheaply. Sh!t, good luck in just trying to shut a business down like that. A lot of those "illegal cig retailers" are in the same class as criminals. :)

I know the idea of ANY state trying to stop as many smokers as they can from buying cigs cheaply (let alone those who wanna get their cigs in criminal fashion) is gonna lead to the NEXT incident in the Tobacco Prohibition era.

What incident is dat? Well, let's just say it deals with cops going afta smokers who buy cheap cigs AND those who steal the smokes on a speed chase. And I thought speed chases were limited to folks who steal $$$.

I wouldn't even rule out the idea of an illegal tobacco business greeting cops with "smoke" of a different kind when they come knocking to bust the joint.

At least I think I'm doing somethang good in helping online smokers hear my take on these recent events cause of my hood-like mindset. But I CAN agree with goodie smokers it's funny to hear of cops taking down robbers/busting joints that sell illegal stuff when that "illegal stuff" is actually a legal product!

The fact tobacco is legal is the funny aspect of these crimes to me. It ain't like these southern smokers are going to Missouri to stock up on J's instead of cigs.

PS: Since when did buying any legal product become a crime in itself? F ALL politicians in the USA!

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