Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Everyone pays for tobacco taxes

When a smoker has to sacrifice somethang in order to get cigs, antis will say "See? Dat proves that married couple is addicted to smoking if they gotta stop paying for DirecTV in order to pay for their cigs."

F-U antis is all I can say to dat. I can understand why a couple gotta sacrifice a TV service in order to buy their cigs. Dat IS betta than a couple deciding to steal their cigs instead. ("Dat" being getting rid of their DirecTV)

They can eitha get their smokes the good way by not paying for somethang else anymore. Or they can get their cigs the hood way and run the risk of going to jail for not stealing $$$ or jewels. But a legal product called cigs! It's a joke that stealing cigs is now the equivalent of someone robbing a bank or C-store of money! It will ALWAYS be a joke to me cause 20 years ago, people would be laughing like crazy if they heard of a man stealing 3 cartons from a gas station. Why would anyone steal cigs back then when they were a he!!uva lot more affordable?

Everyone has to pay for those stolen cigs too. Cause when robbers clean a warehouse out of $1 million worth of cigs (like the cig heist in CT), the stores and gas stations will still lose $$$ since they don't have any fresh cigs to sell.

How can places sell cigs period if the cartons are gonna keep getting stolen? I may be the only one who understands why more people are stealing cigs. But I DO know "Everyone pays tobacco taxes!" applies to these cig robberies I keep hearing about this month. Places that sell cigs are the ones who gotta pay the most due to those precious cartons getting stolen.

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