Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blowing smoke editorial

On dat "Blowing smoke" editorial at:,

dat article editor is actually right. The Black smokers community WOULD get hurt if the FDA wanted to ban menthol flavoring in tobacco products. BT would lose millions of customers within our community if brands like Newport, Kool, and Salem got banned.

As far as Black antismoking advocates claiming dat menthols in general can harm "our" community, dat's BS. I think a Black person has a betta chance of dying from unsafe sex instead of merely smoking mint-flava'd cigs. Sh!t, even guns and coke pose much more serious threats to a Black community than precious babies in a green cig pack called menthols.

Menthols are definitely part of a brotha/sista's identities as a smoker. Just like cigs in general being part of my own identity. If the FDA bans menthols, then dat's almost like banning a major part of a Black smoker's personality. You can't get rid of ANYONE'S identity.

So it's good more people are willing to accept menthol as a tobacco flava. They gotta accept menthols being around 4-eva, in the same sense "our" community will be around 4-eva across this nation as well, whetha hardcore racists like it or not.

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