Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 15 is the day for a National TEA party

Have you been taxed enough already (TEA)?

Well then, you might be interested in attending a Tea Party in your local city. In this link below, you can contact the organizer in the location nearest to you and find out how you can help out with the event in your location.


Here's anotha site I found in relation to the Tea Party Day.

Tax Day Tea

Here's a special note from the Tax Day Tea Party site.

Here at we have a page with a full list of known Tea Party events for April 15th. You can check that page to ensure there isn’t already an event happening in your city/town.

You’ll also want to search Facebook “Tax Day Tea Party” or “April 15 Tea Party”, along with the name of your city/town, to see if an event has already been set up.

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