Friday, April 10, 2009

Antismoking commercial

Earlier today, I saw a lil bit of a game on TV involving the Yankees and the Royals. When they had the commercial break in-between innings, I rememba seeing this NY-based antismoking commercial with Mom and Dad laughing while watching TV. Both of em were smoking too. And off to their side (off to their right from their view) was their son, who looked like a baby. And their son picked up that device asthmatic folks use to (I guess) get oxygen by putting it in his mouth.

While the kid used the device in his mouth, the commercial said the message of "Second hand smoke causes children to get asthma."

Considering that game was coming from a NY-based station, and if NY baseball fans who smoke gotta put up with watching sh!++y antismoking commercials like the one I saw, then I'm glad I don't live in NY!

It's funny NY is a serious antismoking state. But IL stations won't go as far as putting antismoking commercials on TV. The closest antismoking commercials I've seen locally are those Nicoderm/Nicorette commercials.

If SHS can cause a kid to get asthma, then how come I neva developed asthma myself from living with a mom who smoked around me all the time ever since I was born? I bet NONE of those antis in NY can answer dat Q.

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