Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Smokers Party

This is a note from Lynda, one of the very active smoking activists I was fortunate enough to meet in person a few times in the past. I got a look at her Liberty Van once while she was in Chicago.

Hi, just letting you know, if you already went to see - or if you didn't, that
we've already had a new STATE Coordinator volunteer!
I added Louisiana to the States page, and the new Coordinator, David Sapia (THANK YOU SO MUCH!).
I also found a good website for Iowa, to repeal their ban, so I added that as well.
I also added a few more graphics, including the GIANT bumper sticker I made for the TEA parties. I'm sending it with this email, too, just for fun.
I also added a couple more small articles, and the link to the Petition to stop drug company TV advertising.
Everyone, please promote www.americansmokersparty.com . If you have a website or webpage, you are welcome to post the link there. There are graphics on that site you may use, and also links there to more free graphics for smokin' people. Enjoy - and let's get the Revolution GOING : )
Lynda Farley

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