Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ways on how smokers can boycott

Some smokers are talking about boycotts. Instread of not buying BT cigs for a week, how about not buying em for a whole YEAR? BT and politicians (and snti orgs) would REALLY feel the pain of losing smokers' money if nobody bought a single pack for a whole year. Smokers oughta support the smaller tobacco companies instead, if there are some who ain't interested in making their own.

And since you likely wouldn't find brands from smaller tobacco companies offline, buying them online is the only option.

Anotha idea is to buy cigs outside of the US for a year. Although that idea would require traveling. And I know I wouldn't wanna fly on a smoke-free plane just to buy cigs in a different country.

The idea of boycotting BT is a good idea. But all smokers should not buy a single BT brand for a whole year (not just for a week) and look into cig alternatives. Of course, even I can keep on dreaming if nobody is gonna buy cigs in the US for a whole year.

Of course, buying a pack underground doesn't count since that money is not going into the hands of politicians/anti orgs/BT.

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