Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on CT cig heist

I just heard today that the total estimate of the cig heist in CT was actually a lot more than authorities thought.

$1 million (not $90k) was stolen in cigs. They say the total amount of cartons stolen was 150,000.

That cig heist sounded just about as good as a huge bank robbery if they were able to steal that many cartons!

Those robbers gotta be smokers themselves. Even with the intent of reselling those stolen packs underground, I can't imagine criminals who don't smoke but they still stole
1 million bucks in cigs.

If I heard of a group of robbers around here bragging about stealing 1 million bucks in cigs, I'd make sure I'd get my piece of the share before they sell the rest of those cartons. My "share" would be at least 60 cartons of only Newports. hee hee

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