Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some sad news at FORCES

(Copied from the FORCES forum, written by myself.)

I'm very sorry to hear of Gian's death, the founder of the FORCES company. My condolescences go out to his family.

While I'm sorta new to the forum with this company, I was already very familiar with FORCES in general for a long time actually, til Dee invited me to post on their forum last year. I think this company can remain strong and move on without Gian.

I read some negativity on FORCES elsewhere (on a smokers rights site of all places) and what I read about this company offended me since I'm online friends with a few smokers who are big supporters of FORCES and Jim of FORCES Illinois.

And compared to that otha smokers rights site, FORCES is a much more comprehensive smokers rights site to me. I'm always gonna support a company by having a few online friends here already.

I think Gian did a good job in building this company over the years, and this company is already in good hands to me even before this event happened.

A lot of folks at FORCES do a good job in rebutting antismokers' lies and claims. And they do a good job on focusing on the pros of being a smoker with freedoms here. I like that attitude a lot, since their prosmoking attitudes are similar to my own. I think this company and the folks behind FORCES will be just fine. :)

Thought I'd end this message with a positive note.

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