Saturday, March 21, 2009

Smokers need to do research on online smoke shops

I think those Michigan smokers bought their cigs from online vendors who are NOT trustworthy. I have a strong good feeling they ain't customers of the same smoke shops I bought cigs from.

I bring this up cause if we WERE the same customers at the same shops that reported those Michigan orders, I dunno why I haven't received back tax bills from the two shops I bought cigs from more than a year ago (dating back to my first-ever orders with both of them). Most shops who report orders will do so within a few months afta you place your first-ever order with them. Not within 2-4 years afta becoming their customer.

Those shops that do report orders within years from now, those shops are forced to do so thanks to the govt. I heard of authorities shutting down smoke shops like esmokes afta that shop was sued by one of these states.

If any smoker is gonna buy cigs online, he/she needs to do research on the shop before placing an order. The first thang I look for is price when doing my research not just for a carton. But for the shipping as well. Some shops might sell a brand for only 20 bucks/carton next month. But their shipping costs are too darn high (for the sake of illustration).

My next step is calling the shop's numba and see if I can talk to a rep. I heard at, their numba doesn't work when you call just get a voice message every time. That's a red flag to me in itself. If their email doesn't work and if you don't talk to an actual person on every call attempt, why botha buying from They might be a scam version of an online smoke shop.

Just like I'm different from most smoking activists personality-wise, every smoke shop online is different. Some shops have honest reps, some of them have reps who do a darn good job of sounding like a liar (especially on email replies tp you), and a few of them really have nobody you can contact by phone OR email.

And of course, the prices are actually different (on cartons and shipping) at every smoke shop. Like a Newport carton at one shop is 42 bucks. While at anotha shop, a carton of Newports is 49 bucks. Based on this illustration, I'd compare both shops' shipping rates for one carton before I decide which shop I'd place an order with. There's a small possiblity that while the carton is $49 at one shop, their shipping rate for 1 carton might be lower than it is at the shop with the $42 Newport carton price.

Oh yeah, some smoke shops make it clear on their sites that they DO report orders. Like DO NOT BUY SH!T FROM SHOPS LIKE THESE! I don't care how much a carton is. A month from now, could sell Newports at only 35 bucks/carton and be non-FSCs for all I care. That cheap price ain't worth it when that shop is violating my right to privacy.

Some more red flags on shops that likely report orders:

-They have referral programs where you get paid commissions for referring a customer. I don't get a single penny for promoting the brand on my blog. That ain't a "referral link" I have on there in otha words.

-You send an email to them, but it takes weeks to get a reply. If that shop had trustworthy reps, they would respond to your email within 24 hours at best, since they would be working every day.

This post is disorganized. But I think smokers don't have to worry about back taxes at all if they do research on any smoke shop they look into first.

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