Thursday, March 5, 2009

Philip Morris to raise cig prices again

This is a good way to get smokers to stop smoking Philip Morris brands. Just raise the price of the PM brands once per month. I guess PM is just about as greedy for smokers' money as anti orgs like the ACS and ALA are.

I guess 2009 will be a historical year for smokers. We might see triple digits in the price of a carton (and double digits for a pack price) in NYC. I'm glad I don't live in that urban town. I ain't paying 100 bucks for a carton of Newports, the only BT brand I'd buy at all.

Chicago won't be too far off from that price range if Daley decides to raise the city taxes and Crook county raises county taxes on cigs when April comes.

(Me don't have a link this time...this is an article copy me found elsewhere)

"Altria raising price of cigarettes"

Published: March 5, 2009

Altria Group Inc., the largest U.S. tobacco company, will raise prices on Marlboro and 17 brands on March 9 ahead of an increase in federal tobacco excise taxes.

Altrias Philip Morris USA will charge distributors 71 cents more for a pack of Marlboro, the top-selling U.S. cigarette, Parliament, Virginia Slims and six other varieties, said Bill Phelps, an Altria spokesman. In addition, the company will raise list prices on Bensen & Hedges and eight other brands by 81 cents a pack.

The increase is the second by Philip Morris USA since December and comes before U.S. tobacco excise taxes rise by 62 cents a pack. Reynolds American Inc., which trails Philip Morris USA by sales, also raised some cigarette prices in December as manufacturers blunt the impact of falling demand from higher taxes and the recession.

This is primarily intended to cover the cost of the federal excise-tax increase, Phelps said. The tax is currently 39 cents a pack."

Richmond Times

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