Thursday, March 12, 2009

A pack in Chicago is 9 bucks now

I saw it today for the first time ever in my life. A C-Store had a Newport sign and it said "$9.10: Tax included."

I neva thought I'd see a 9 as the dollar amount for a cig pack in my life. I guess in April, that price for a Newport pack will be about $9.70 with the "tax included." That's very close to a darn double digit pack price. :(

Looks like I was right all along about Newports (and likely Marlboros too) costing 9 bucks per pack in the city now. Certain brands probably have prices close to 10 bucks each actually.

I heard a rumor that BT knew smokers were gonna stock up on cigs this month. So BT figured they might as well raise the prices now so they can take advantage of smokers stocking up before the fed tax increase in April, and BT can get extra money in their pockets at the same time.

Sounds more like a perfect example of greed to me. They ain't doing smokers of the popular brands a favor by raising the prices twice in 2 months.

Sh!t, based on that rumor I heard, BT might as well raise the pack price to 3 bucks instead. Those mothas would REALLY get "extra money" in their pockets then!

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