Monday, March 9, 2009

An Obama quote on SCHIP

For the first time, I found an actual quote from Obama when he made that (to smokers) famous signing for SCHIP.

The quote comes from THIS ARTICLE:

Under an Obama administration, however, the third time was the charm. With his signing, he said, "Today we fulfill one of the highest responsibilities that we have: to ensure the health and well-being of our nation's children. It's a responsibility that's only grown more urgent as our economic crisis deepens, as health care costs have exploded and millions of families are unable to afford health insurance."

I beg your freakin pardon Mr. Hypocritical President. I have this responsiblity, as a smoker, to ensure the health and well-being of every kid nationwide?

As long as I get my cigs (and I WILL do what the F it takes to get cigs), I could care less about supporting the kids' health. Call me rude and evil if you wish. But unless SCHIP included fast food eaters supporting the kids' health, I can't live with being discriminated against. Not for my race, but for my choice to indulge in a legal product.

What you, Obama, do NOT say (although the article implies it through Bush's comments) is that adults will be using SCHIP too. So I'm gonna be supporting the ADULTS' health too.

And with more and more people quitting smoking, I dunno how you can expect to depend on smokers' money to help SCHIP. While I wouldn't like the idea of more and more people quitting smoking, I would LOVE to see SCHIP fail in the long term. The more people quit smoking, the betta chance that program has of getting figuratively shot to death with no more money coming from smokers.

Actually, I hope more and more people buy cigs underground instead of in stores. That would be just about as good as quitting, since bootleggas/cig dealers are the ones getting the "cig money." Not the Feds and SCHIP. I said I'll do what the F it takes to get cigs and save money, cause I refuse to let the govt take away somethang that's part of my life. If I had a van with $100k worth of Newports, that would be like me winning a million bucks.


Kendra said...

Jay, what do you think about the "boycott" April 1? The one thing that bothers me about that is what is going to happen to the little mom and pop convenience stores (one of the few comments on the Obama Citizens Briefing Book was from an owner of one). So although I'm with you - I do feel for them.
BTW, when I called the Indian shop my sister goes to, I got the impression they have to charge Federal Tax.

Jason T said...

Hey Kendra,

I actually responded to your comment already as you likely know already. I just wanted to point out you actually sent a duplicate comment on here.

But yeah, this fed tax increase on tobacco will make mom/pop smoke shops go outta business, and make several C-stores shut down for good.

And as a result, MORE unemployed workers thanks to a darn fed tobacco tax increase!

How the heck is the economy supposed to get betta when we got politicians forcing workers/owners of convience stores and smoke shops to collect unemployment checks?

Smokers shouldn't be the only ones putting money towards SCHIP.