Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama didn't lie about raising taxes for the poor class? Whateva!

I dunno what makes some folks online think Obama neva lied about not raising taxes on folks with $250k or less. Some people think the fed tax increase on the tobacco is a sign of the bad economical times we're in...and one person told me thanks to the economy, expect to see ALL KINDS of taxes go up. But Obama only said he wouldn't raise income taxes.

I got two lettas for someone who thinks Obama hasn't lied about not raising taxes to the poor. B-S! I'll put it this way. The fact a MYO smoker who's poor is gonna have a hard time affording to make his/her own cigs once April comes. That's a clever way to make up for no higha income taxes...raise tobacco taxes to help the kids AND adults out! I heard that in adults are also gonna get medical help through SCHIP.

And smokers shouldn't be the only ones putting money into SCHIP. How about adding fed taxes on fast foods too? I can see fast food lovers outnumbering the remaining smokers in the US by a lot. I say "remaining smokers" because I'm sure more will be quitting cause of the high prices and the fact most BT brands are FSCs. And most smokers clearly hate smoking FSCs, myself included.

Welcome to the Tobacco Prohibition era!

PS: I wonder if the price for a pack of cigs in the black market is going up in my area. Since 5 bucks for a pack from a cig dealer in the streets is gonna be nearly half the normal price for a pack in the stores as of April 1.

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