Monday, March 2, 2009

New Poll Q added

New poll is up on my blog.

Looking at the results from the last poll in regards to smoking FSCs:

15 voters said they'll switch to Native American cig brands.

(Good choice to me...these brands are all-natural cigs. Almost like a premade version of how make-your-own cigs taste.)

10 voters said they'll switch to rolling/making their own cigs.

(This is a decent choice too, although a few new RYO smokers pointed out they hated wasting time in making their own cigs)

7 voters said they have no choice but to keep smoking the FSCs.

(If you really enjoy smoking tobacco, good luck in finding cheapa alternatives. I'd ratha smoke a real cig than a FSC stick.)

3 voters said they'll quit smoking period.

(Well, at least you wouldn't be feeding the politicians' wallets and the wallets at ACS and ALA anymore by deciding to quit.)

Seens like most of the readers of my blog smoke cigs, since nobody is interested in switching to cigars or pipes.

BTW, if you ARE interested in making your own cigs, now is the best time to buy the loose tobacco and cig tubes before the price increase goes into effect next month. Making your own won't be as cheap as it used to be soon..and I bet Philip Morris played a role in encouraging that super high increase on MYO/RYO taxes. They don't want Marlboro smokers switching to RYOs/MYOs.

Well, PM forgot about Native brands like Seneca. Senecas make a very good alternative to smoking FSC Marlboro Reds and FSc Marlboro Lights.

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