Saturday, March 14, 2009

My review on Kick Cigarettes

I've neva done this on my blog before. But afta I spent the last 2 months enjoying my new brand of Kick Cigarettes, I feel I can give a more detailed review on Kick FFs and Kick Lights. I might buy a carton of the Kick UL's as part of my next order of cartons before the end of this month.

The Kick Cigarettes page can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Kick Full Flava

Strength: They're the strongest Kick style available. I wouldn't call them as strong as say Marlboros or Seneca FFs. I'd say the strength is medium...not too strong, but definitely not light in strength.

Taste: They taste like I'm smoking FF tobacco for real compared to the commercial (popular) FF brands. They're not rich-tasting, but they are smooth-tasting for a FF.

Recommend: For a smoker who's looking for a cheapa version of a FF regular brand that's not too strong. Or a smoker looking for a "medium version" of a FF brand.

Kick Lights (Blue Pack)

Strength: They're lighta of course than Kick FFs (although I'd say the FF's are a tad bit stronga actually).

Taste: This is the best-tasting regular light brand out there to me! Even betta-tasting than the Native American regular lights I tried over the past few months. Kick Lights are VERY smooth and very easy to inhale....even easier to smoke than the commercial lights since I don't cough when I smoke BOTH of these Kick styles!

Recommend: For all regular light smokers looking for a cheapa light brand. Once you try Kick Lights, you can say buh-bye to Marlboro Lights for good! These Kick Lights ain't airy tasting unlike MLs.

What I also like about Kick:

1) Since these cigs are 100 percent made with USA tobacco and they're chemical/additive free, I don't miss the headaches I used to get as I smoked. I don't miss the craving feelings eitha. I ca sometimes go as long as 5 hours without smoking now. And when I DO smoke, I usually chainsmoke 6-8 cigs. When I used to chainsmoke 6 Newports, I'd feel a lil drowsy and sometimes feel a tiny headache by the time I get to my 6th Newport cig.

But afta I chainsmoke 6 Kick cigs, I feel NO drowsiness, and NO headaches! So Kick is a brand that a lot more easier to chainsmoke than a commercial brand. I think I don't have cig cravings anymore cause commercial cigs have chemicals in them, and commercial smokers are actually addicted to those chemicals more than the actual nicotine. A cig with 100 percent tobacco in it and the nic within the tobacco is actually a lot more safer to smoke than a chemical cig.

2) I used to feel pain in my back teeth when I smoke Newports sometimes. And smoking Newports always made my mouth make some saliva inside of it as I smoke them. But when I smoke my Kicks, the inside of my mouth is always dry (unless I'm drinking somethang-LOL)

3) Kick cigs, unlike commercial cigs, have no added nicotine in them. The only nic in Kick cigs is within the tobacco itself. If the makers of Kick DID add more nic in their cigs, those Kick FF's would probably taste just about as strong as a Marlboro or Newport

4) Kick Lights, unlike commercial lights, have no vent holes around their white filters. No vent holes is probably why Kick Lights taste betta than a commercial light. A Marlboro Light tastes like you're sucking in air on smoothness at all!

But I can actually feel smooth smoke going inside of me (instead of fresh air) when I drag on a Kick Light.

5) Price is the main difference between Kicks and commercial brands. As of March 2009, A Newport carton online costs 42-53 bucks online, depending on where you buy it.

But as of March 2009, a Kick carton only costs $16.99 per carton on ALL styles. That's a VERY cheap price for a cig carton to me!

You can find Kick cigarettes online by eitha clicking the link around the top of my message, or you can:


(Of course, as of April 1, that price for Kick cartons will go up due to the fed tax tobacco increase. But they're still gonna be a lot more cheaper than spending almost 60 bucks for just one carton of a commercial brand at online smoke shops!)

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