Thursday, March 26, 2009

My letta to a journalist


I'd like to respond to a quote from yourself that I read in a copy of an email reply you likely sent to a smoker.

"I agree with your statement that the government is made of of legal pushers, and would go even farther and say they are prostitutes for the tobacco industry."

If there are politicians who are "prostitute for the tobacco industry," it's a wonder why those politicians haven't been put in jail for engaging in illegal sex with tobacco reps. .

"Be that as it may, it still does not make cigarettes safe and healthy, and does not take away the fact that smoking is stupid and irresponsible, or has absolutely any social or economic benefits."

Well I know there are a lot of things in this world that have no social or economic benefits. Drinking too much alcohol isn't gonna help an intoxicated person make new friends. Drinking too much alcohol can also alter the alcoholic's behavior a lot more quicker than someone too many cigarettes. Never mind the fact someone spending say 30 bucks for 5 cups of beer iin a ballpark is just about as stupid as someone spending 50-60 bucks for a carton of cigarettes.

Gambling has no social and economic benefits either. A person who gambles away 500 bucks per month in a casino is just about as "dumb and stupid" as a smoker is to you.

I personally don't see the economic difference between someone gambling 500 bucks per week in a casino, and a smoker spending $2k per year on cigs. A gambler would actually be wasting more money than a smoker per year based on even gambling and losing 500 bucks per month. But I guess to someone like you, it's better for someone's health to waste 500 bucks per month in a casino compared to spending that money on cigs. If the gambler's yearly income is at a high level, and the gambler doesn't smoke or drink and avoids eating fast food per year, I can agree with a gambler at least wasting his/her money wisely compared to a smoker.

If there are any social benefits with gambling money, even I can't think of any. A gambler is a real type of person who would deny he/she has an addiction problem. As well as an alcoholic.

BTW, I know one way the government can stop being Big Tobacco's "prostitutes." They can look into banning tobacco sales and make tobacco in itself illegal. Why bother selling a product that's not (as you said) "unsafe and unhealthy?" Based on that logic, we need to stop selling everything that's unsafe and unhealthy, including banning alcohol.

Oh, I'm sorry. America already tried banning alcohol once, and it obviously didn't work. Because people still found a way to get their illegal drinks. I guess that means even if tobacco sales were banned and tobacco itself WAS deemed illegal in the modern USA, smokers would still find a way to even grow tobacco in their own backyard and make their own cigs.

If you don't believe someone would go as far as growing his/her own tobacco and make his/her own cigs (if I pretend tobacco is considered illegal for real), I'd suggest you oughta research those smoking advoacy sites you were already referred to. Making your own cigs and even growing your own tobacco are two things I never heard of til I read posts on those topics at the forum.

We all know about one leaf that's illegal, and weed is certainly unsafe and unhealthy for someone to smoke. But people still smoke it despite it being illegal. I guess those smokers are just about as stupid and dumb as tobacco smokers, right?

Politicians would need to find a new way to make money if tobacco ever becomes illegal at all. They can't fund SCHIP by banning tobacco sales, and they can't collect money off of smokers anymore as well. So that means a new group of Americans would have to make up for the loss of tobacco taxes (and fund SCHIP for that matter) by paying more for fast food in particular.

I actually heard of some areas in the US (if not across the whole nation) considering the idea of raising fast food taxes. If you think smokers are the only group that deals with paying high taxes at all, you're wrong. Gasoline tax increases is something else I recall hearing about recently. If a gasoline tax goes up, that would hurt nonsmokers financially too.


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