Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My comments on the idea of prohibiting USPS from delivering tobacco

(Originally posted on the FORCES forum)

I'm not gonna think about what I will do as a smoker if this bill becomes reality.

I know this for sure...I ain't paying a MFkin 9-10 bucks to smoke my old brand of Newports per day. So even buying those cigs offline ain't an option. I would dearly miss the Native brands I tried over the past few months. And I'll especially miss the Kick cig brand that I got accustomed to recently.

Buying MYO materials would be my closest option, although the offline MYO shops around me are too far away.

I think this is a case of politicians and antis trying to murder smokers indirectly. Raising cig prices every year didn't work. Smoking bans obviously ain't helping in forcing smokers to quit.

The new techniques they using to force smokers to quit now is taxing them to death with SCHIP, making the Big Tobacco brands FSCs, and now they wanna take away the option of buying any tobacco online period.

How the heck do politicians expect smokers to fund SCHIP when they (and antis) are doing everythang in their power to indirectly threat smokers to quit?

I hope this goes all the way to the Supreme Court as I read on a different forum (if the bill passes).

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