Friday, March 6, 2009

In my opinion, Philip Morris could care less about their USA customers who smoke

Since PM actually sells their popular brands in different countries, I guess they could care less if they lose 1000s (if not millions) of their consumers to FSCs and the new and hi-A prices for their cigs. So they figure "What the he!!? Nobody is gonna smoke FSCs, and with anotha tax increase around the corner from Obama, let's raise our prices again so we can make people quit smoking sooner ratha than lata."

While I can certainly see more and more smokers quitting, I can also see former Marlboro smokers switching to Native brands as well as MYOs. I bet if PM's only market for promoting their tobacco brands was within the US, they would think twice on raising their prices twice in 2 months. They might even listen to their peed off customers' comments on the FSCs.

But since they actually have customers worldwide, that makes PM think they can treat their US customers as lil kids. I'd be offended myself if a PM rep on the phone treated my harsh comments on smoking FSCs as a grain of salt.

I'm gonna be nice, but I gotta let this out. If someone smokes Marlboros for 30-40 years, that's a big PM customer to me. And to hear of PM treating that customer's comments as words coming out of a kid's mouth....I don't blame that smoker at all for blowing his/her top off. That smoker can teach PM a lesson by simply stop buying their products.

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